Rational Energies Marks Million Gallon Production Milestone

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We’re Transforming Energy

Rational Energies Marks Million Gallon Production Milestone

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Rational Energies transforms something nobody wants – waste – into something everybody wants – energy. Today our advanced oil process converts used motor oil into lubricant blend stocks and fuels that meet industry standards for quality and consistency. We are developing technologies to transform other neglected resources into sustainable forms of energy. Rational Energies is in the energy transformation business.


In 2012, Rational Energies pioneered a commercial pyrolysis process plant to convert waste plastic into crude oil. As we gained experience and knowledge about the process, the price per barrel for crude oil collapsed, leading us to recognize that a change of course was necessary.

Today, Rational Energies has transformed our technology to utilize another waste stream, used motor oil (UMO), into Group I base oils, asphalt extender and distillate.

Used motor oil is a major environmental challenge – one gallon of UMO can contaminate the drinking water for over one million people.

With the technology and expertise at our disposal, Rational Energies continues to transform waste into valuable products.


We work with professional used motor oil aggregators who collect UMO, test it and pre-filter it before it is delivered to our advanced oil processing facility. Upon receipt, our in-house laboratory then conducts additional tests. Our production process starts with distillation, which divides the feedstock into different products. Additional processing manipulates flash point, viscosity and color. After a final quality control test our product is ready for shipment.

For questions on technology, specifications or product availability, please submit your inquiry.


Rational Energies delivers four products, all of which meet or exceed all industry standards:

  • Light base oil
  • Heavy base oil
  • High sulfur distillate
  • Asphalt extender

Versatility in our production process and adept knowledge allows flexibility and responsiveness to or customer’s needs.